Bad girls quotes

Beautiful Bad Girl Quotes 

  • A girl is good when she knows what is good for herself and her family.
  • The whole 'bad girl' thing allows me to mess up sometimes. And I have freedom to say more of what I want to.   - Ronda Rousey
  • Why judge a girl for her behaviour, when her intentions are to be looked for.
  • She’s a pure soul with wild eyes. A kind heart and a beautiful mind.
  • I don't look at her like she's a bad girl. She just misunderstood sometime, she's a little troubled, she's a little dysfunctional. She's a survivor.   - Aida Turturro

Don’t be a one in a million kind of girl, be a once in a lifetime kind of women.

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  • There are no good girls gone wrong - just bad girls found out.  - Mae West
  • Good girls are just bad girls that never got caught.
  • Bad girls ain't no good but good girls ain't no fun.
  • We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us.    - The Joker
  • Treat me like a queen and I'll treat you like my king. Treat me like a game. And I'll show you how it's played.
  • You say that I have a bad attitude. Guess what? My attitude is a result of your actions. Change your actions and I will change my attitude.  - Ruchir Patel
  • A girl is a human and cannot be good all the time.

No force is more powerful than a girl determined to rise.

  • The happiest people are the people with the best attitudes, not the best lives.  - Bob Lonsberry
  • A woman with vision is unstoppable.
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.    - Winston Churchill
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I don't have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude, and that's not my problem.
  • The girl who is matured before she gets any elder, is not good, rather experienced.

Imperfections are beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.  – Marilyn Monroe

  • The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will.  – Amy Tenney
  • Chin up princess or the crown will slip.
  • A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.  – Coco Chanel
  • I never said I was a ‘good girl.’ I’m not a bad girl. – Kelly Clarkson

Learn to admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.


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