Sunil Das rose to prominence painting horses, creating close to 7,000 between 1950-60. One of India’s most significant post-modernist painters - he remains the only Indian artist to have won a National Award while still an undergraduate art student - it was after a visit to Spain in 1962 that he shifted his fixation to bulls.

A Sunil Das bull is an alluring creature. In black watercolour, pencil or charcoal on paper - sometimes, with a hint of tomato red - the bulls leap vertiginously in their frames, leaving lines of motion on paper. Das won a scholarship to the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris but before that, he studied sculpture at Santiniketan. And indeed, there is something three-dimensional about his modestly-sized bulls. 

Drawings & Quotes on artist Sunil Das

Here are some famous illustration by Sunil Das. 

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